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I don’t get: Tom Waits April 1, 2007

Posted by Walt in don't get it.
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On Metacritic, Tom Waits “Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards” was the 2nd highest rated release of 2006. Huh?

I first heard a song by Tom Waits about 30 years. I think it was from “Nighthawks at the Diner”. I didn’t find it earth shattering then, and I have changed my mind since. If I wanted to hear someone sing like he was gargling gravel, I would listen to Tuvan throat singing.



I don’t get: Joanna Newsom March 8, 2007

Posted by Walt in don't get it.
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Ok, so on Metacritic, Joanna Newsom’s 2006 sophomore CD “Ys” (pronounced “ees”) got an 87. It was the 8th highest reviewed CD of the year. allmusic.com called it “…epic, restless, and demanding, made up of five dazzling, shape-shifting songs…”

I call it a 5-song, 55-minute snooze-fest. At least, Rolling Stone agreed with me calling it “hard to stomach”.

What am I missing? Her voice is annoyingly chirpy. The songs range in length from 7 to 17 minutes and all sound pretty much the same to me.

Sorry. Don’t get it.