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Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero April 22, 2007

Posted by Walt in mini-review.

I have never purchased a NIN album before. Never saw much need to. I thought I’d be in for a whole lot of angry noise, and not much else. After listening to the Sound Opinions review of “Year Zero”, I thought I might as well give it a try. After all, that is what codgermusic is supposed to be about, right? Just because I am over 50 (and loving it), that doesn’t mean that I can’t listen to something I might not be comfortable with.

Well, “Year Zero” is a whole lot angry noise BUT with great beats and outstanding melodies.

“HYPERPOWER!”, the first track on “Year Zero”, clocks in at only 1:41, but wow! A simple drum beat is joined by a complementary electronic theme after 11 seconds. Every 22 seconds a new element is added ending in raucous noise and screams. Great.

Next is “The Beginning of the End”. Again, very intense sonically, but a great melody.

My favorite track is “Capital G”. Lyrically, it is a sledgehammer to the current state of the country. I don’t generally favor political tracts, but this one is so simple that it proves to be devestating. “I pushed the button and elected him to office and, he pushed the button and he dropped the bomb.”

Trent Reznor needs to make albums faster if this is an example of what happens when he picks up his pace. This is a desperately urgent noise that needs to be heard.

9 out of 10.



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