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Lily Allen vs. Amy Winehouse – Sound Opinions vs. Musicheads April 15, 2007

Posted by Walt in codger-tation.

It’s a battle of the Brit bad girls.

In this corner, with supporters Jim and Greg from Sound Opinions is Lily Allen, that sassy, crassy, firecracker from London.

In the other corner, backed by Bill, Tony and Danny from Musicheads is Amy Winehouse, the boozy, soul crooner from Enfield, Middlesex.

Jim and Greg reviewed both albums and gave Lily Allen a double “buy-it” and Amy Winehouse a double “trash-it”. Bill, Tony and Danny discussed the Amy Winehouse album recently and gushed over it. They also opined that she “blows Lily Allen out of the water”. On the other hand, Jim and Greg are “unimpressed by Winehouse’s pale imitation of artists like Donnie Hathaway and Nina Simone”.

I think we are headed for a critical beat down.

I agree with the Sound Opinions guys. I haven’t purchased the Amy Winehouse album, and I won’t. Her Shirley Bassey channeling act doesn’t appeal to me. While Lily Allen certainly has an element of the hard-drinking lifestyle, she is more about being a woman who won’t take any crap from any guy. She is a strong, young woman with a fun voice who is able to create and deliver terrific songs. Amy Winehouse apparently takes boozing and raises it to an art form. It makes it hard to listen to more. When your big song is about not going to rehab, I’m not going to go there.

The winner by a knockout is Lily Allen and Sound Opinions.



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