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Tokyo Police Club – Smith (EP) March 15, 2007

Posted by Walt in mini-review.

Tokyo Police Club has just released Smith, a 3-song, 8-minute EP.

“Box” takes 22 seconds of “ba-ba-ba” to get started, but then steps up with an excellent hook-filled, high-energy song with their seeming trademark overlapping vocals. Nice keyboard work, too.

“Cut Cut Paste”  lasts not quite 2 minutes. Rapid-fire drumming sets the mood. Shouted background vocals. Distortion. Not bad. Not great.

 “A Lesson in Crime” starts with a lovely piano intro on an apparently crappy instrument that sounds like it has done long, hard service in a church basement. The song is very quirky down to the throat clearing done about a minute in. I like it. It’s nice to see a departure from their normal style.

“Smith” sounds like it was recorded one afternoon when the band had nothing else to do. But I like the rawness paired with the tight playing. I like Dave Monks voice. I like the whole feel. I’m really loooking forward to a full-length album.

7 out of 10



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