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Why Music Matters – part 1 February 13, 2007

Posted by Walt in essay.

I am a codger. At least in the eyes of most teenagers and 20-somethings, I am a codger. But when it comes to music, I don’t have to be.

I am a 51-year-old father of 2 daughters – 1 teenager and 1 not too far away. They both are learning music in school and through lessons outside of school. When it came to the music they listen to, I figured I could choose one of two courses. I could either sit back listen to my own old stuff like Joe Jackson and Steely Dan and ignore what they listen to, or I could start listening to new music.

In the first case, I figured that the most likely outcome would be children who listened to Britney, Christina, and the other legions of similarly “positive” role models in the music industry. Yow! In the second case, they still might decide to listen to cra… um, artists like the ones I mentioned previously, but at the very least I could offer other choices. Choices like The White Stripes, The New Pornographers (on our iPods as “New P” to avoid the potential wrath of school authorities), Hot Hot Heat, The Raconteurs, Neko Case.

Coming in part 2: attending a concert with my daughter…



1. Karen - February 15, 2007

You’re my codger.

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