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Lily Allen – Alright, Still February 8, 2007

Posted by Walt in mini-review.

Sweetly subversive. Hip-skaish. Slightly crude. Very fun. It’s the first release by Lily Allen.

Lily’s been done wrong by some (or many) men, and she’s out for a little payback. She does the deed so charmingly, however, that a guy who identifies himself in the lyrics might be inclined to say, “Oi! It’s a fair cop.”

Highlights: “Smile”: it takes 25 seconds for Lily to drop the f-bomb, but the lacerating lyrics are great. “Alfie”: a riff on a fairly hopeless, helpless brother to a polka beat. “Everything’s Just Wonderful”: sounds like a Sergio Mendes / Brasil ’66 tune updated for England ’07 .

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

> Walt <



1. Allyson - February 11, 2007

Lily Allen rocks. I’m so addicted to the CD now ^_^

This blog will rule, I can tell.

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